Ruben Matevosyan | Concept Inventor
enhanced life through design and inspiration


Welcome to Matevo


I am a Storyteller with passion to create work aimed at Human Enhancement through Design and Inspiration.


I specialize in Concept - and Identity Design.


Feel free to explore my full Story below, where I explain Why and How I do What I do. 



Hi there,

let me introduce myself,

I am a


and my name is

Ruben Matevosyan


Nice to meet you,

so you read bed time stories?


Sometimes, but mostly

I create Stories

with emphasis on

Human Enhancement

that provide

long term value.


Good for you, and what is this

long term value?


Human Enhancement through Design I introduce, has the value of



reason of existence

beyond making money.

A company, product, service and an innovation should have this in order

to be successful.


You go straight to the core then,

can you explain this Human Enhancement?


In my



Design that unlocks the Human potential instead of degrading it.


Applying Human Enhancement to a product/service/innovation ensures that

people will improve in some way and at least not degrade in others from using it.



Why do you do it?


It might have something to do with my



Enhance the human Experience in this technological world through design.


That sounds quite fancy,

How exactly do you plan to accomplish this?


Graduated with a Master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology,


I am a hybrid specialist




A guiding principle in my work is the creation of a story behind a product (concept) or an identity, which provides it with a character and makes it easy for the customer to identify with.


Design Engineer

My education allows me to gear my work towards Engineering when necessary and tackle even the most technical projects on conceptual level.


Concept Artist

The skills used in this discipline allow me to work from a different angle, additionally offering the freedom to visualize nearly any idea.



specializations allow me to tackle many types of projects from the angle of


while the skills acquired during the internship with Guerilla Games combined with passion for

Concept Art

allow me to communicate visually even the most




I use a versatile and ever growing

tool set

that supports my ...

Photoshop  |  3dsMAX  |  VRay  |  ZBrush  |  SolidWorks  |  Illustrator  |  InDesign | AfterEffects  

 MarvelousDesigner  |  Fuze  |  Substance Painter  |  Daz3D  |  Unity  |  Sketching  |  Clay Modeling  |  Rapid Prototyping



in different fields.

You are diverse, we got that.

Where do you utilize all these skills?


I use my

skills in SYNERGY







(Concept) Design


That is a mouthful, do you have a method?



Design Process

consists out of distinct phases, where each phase has a clear outcome. 


We can cooperate on a full project, or work within any of the individual phases.

Diagnostic Phase

Main outcome: 



Long Term Value.


We start by looking at what your current needs, wishes, resources and restrictions are.

From here we end up with a general direction that is explored further during the Analysis sub-phase.

A thorough analysis of your brand, the market (competition), trends, current and future technology is carried out. My role is to find, together with you, a spark of an idea that will involve the Human Enhancement in the project. Some additional research might be necessary on this topic.    

The main outcome of this phase is a Vision that involves Human Enhancement, providing Long Term Value for your brand.


This ‘Fuzzy Front End’ is the most challenging aspect of a project, as, often an unconventional approach is required to translate the collected data into a viable vision.

The Diagnostic Phase is documented in a report.    

Concept Design Phase

Main outcome:


to serve as  



The Vision from the Diagnostic phase is translated into a tangible Goal that serves as Design Direction in the Exploration sub-phase. Things like Strategy, Functionality, Interaction and (especially) User Experience are considered here.

Next, in the Concepting phase, the general User Experience leads to detailed (desired) Customer Journeys.  These encompass the Interaction with the Concept and presentation of the Story around it. Several (usually 2-3) Concepts are explored here, providing different solutions for the challenge.


The chosen idea is elaborated in the Implementation sub-phase resulting in Visual Concept that serves as Inspiration and Guideline for the Detailing Phase.

Example: Zyror Obelisk

Visual Concept development, Story and Evaluation are documented in a report.   

Detailing Phase

Main outcome:



Preserve the VISION


The translation of the Visual Concept into the Final Design during this Detailing Phase will pose some inevitable challenges. By counseling your development team on the implementation of the Vision, I ensure that it stays intact and is not being watered down by the practical limitations.



I think in solutions together with your team, to overcome the practical limitations and still have the concept developed with as little deviation from the original Vision as possible.  

Market Introduction Phase

Main outcome:



Once the Final Design is ready, I use the existing 3D geometry to communicate the Product Story through images, text and animation. These materials give you a head start on the marketing of your new product.

Example: Product presentation


Full Design Process

(click to enlarge)

All right then,

What can you show?


Feel free to explore selected examples of my work in

Concept Design

(Skills Synergy) 


Identity Design



Next to my freelance work I am currently working with several talented individuals to launch Zyror.

In my blog, I discuss the motivations/struggles behind my projects and show some of the ‘behind the scenes’ work.

Selected prints of my personal work can be purchased in my Print Shop.

Whenever not involved in design projects I enjoy expanding my movement library by doing active sports (Grappling / BJJ / Crossfit / Yoga etc).


Thank you 

for your time. 


Are you interested in what we can do together?

Take the next step and …


start your journey